• Brand On Ramp

  • Brand On Ramp

    If you think you move with the current trends, then take a walk at KLU…
    Walk the ramp with a BRAND & find out if you have the confidence to carry   off the BRAND along with your ATTITUDE

    Number of participants: - maximum 8 members

    Round 1: prelims
    Round 2: Ramp Walk

      Event organisers:

        V. Karthik :: +91 9533265297
        T.V.S.Krishna :: +91 9492267341

  • Roll & Reel :: (Short Movie Making)

  • This event offers a great opportunity mainly for the students,who are very enthusiastic to show their Abinaya talent.
    Come..!! Let's project our intellectual thoughts on to the screen.
    The judgement will be proceeded on different aspects of

    1.Best Actor
    2.Best Actress(if any)
    3.Best Movie
    4.Best inspiring movie
    5.Best Entertained Movie
    6.Best comedy movie
    7.Best Director
    8.Best Editor
    9.Best music mixing(apt to the situation)
    10.Best Supporting Character
    11.Best Dilogues


    Terms & Conditions:

    1.In this event there should be a team (any nos).They can select any kind of a story.
    2.Vulgarity is avoided as per the Terms and conditions.
    3.Movie should not exceed 20 minutes.Sub Titles should be given in english and movie cam be in 3 languages (Telugu,Hindi & English).
    4.The whole movie should be submitted (Video Link Should Be Mailed) 3 days before SAMYAK i.e,on 5th of october along with the communication details to email :: With the subject as "Short Movie Making"
    5.It should not be a copy or a direct presentation of movie from any source.
    6.If at all it is noticed as a copy or if any kind of vulgarity is observeved, the movie will be cancelled and the report will be sent through media of communication.
    7.On the day of this event atleast 2 members of the team should be at the venue (who had contributed their action for the short movie)
    8.Only selected movies will be palyed on the day and all the selected movie teams will be announced the day before, through the media of communication.
    If at all any rules are violated the movie would be cancelled basing on the Terms & Conditions.

    For Further Details & Queries Contact ::

      Bharath Madala :: +91 9494947111
      eMail ::

  • Informalz

  • When the limelight falls on the welcoming red carpets that take you to the dais to demonstrate your undiminishable talent.

  • Czar & Czarina

  • LAN gaming

  • Bon voyage through the blazing bandwagon of LAN gaming. Join the counterstrike, run the NFS and deserve the woth of being a part and parcel in your team’s invulnerable victory.

  • Fort Knox(treasure hunt)

  • Unleash the Indiana jones underneath you..... Unravel the mysteries, Unite the clues to , unlock the lucid treasures.

  • Games

  • Gamble your pennies, mumble the pebbles, hit on the target, win the market, unground the kid inside, get lost in the playful techgarden insight.

  • Ad Madz

  • Transmute the thoughts of your matchless innovation into colours and castings.
    Be the one who gives an astonishing advert to your usual product.

  • Contraptions

  • Seconds to perfection...
    Be the flame for its inception...
    Spectaculate every moment of fantabolous motion...
    Which is innovation for conception...
    So come and conquer the kingdom of contraptions.

  • Green Zone (Efficiency of Bicycle)

  • Let not the tranquil waters be toiled in turbulence...
    Let not the lavish greens be lost in lunacy...
    So, alter this pertaining huge posse of automobile world with the most vital velocipede- The Bicycle.
    Be the eco-friendly exempler who evidently attributes the adaptness to the well nurtured greener and safe environment for us to survive.

  • War of lords

  • Let the words come from the fathoms of your hearts to counter the missiles of contradiction.
    Be a utility for your vocabulary as an artiilery for a conflict with your contradictory.

  • Non stop nonsense

  • All time your nonsense is unrewarded , but here is a break for those punks who have got the real junk. Turn up and substantiate yourself a funky punk.

  • Cluedo

  • Delve through the hidden scintillations and grope for the foxy eyes which blanketed themselves in an evil envelope .
    Demanipulate and decipher the congregated pieces of verdict.

    Note* : Spot Events Will Be Conducted

    For further