1. Participants are required to bring 2 passport size photos for registration and to issue your id card

2. If there is no one at the help desk, please call on the phone numbers displayed at the desk.

3. Accomdation will be provided from 7th oct evening 5 pm and participants are required to check out before 10th oct 8am

4. Those carrying their laptops, CPU or similar electronic gadgets will have to declare their belongings at the K.L.University Main Gate and get a 'Gate Pass'. Your belongings will be checked on your way out of K.L.University and those who fail to produce their Gate Pass may have their belongings impounded.

5. All the participants must carry their college identity card all the time during their stay at K.L.University.

6. The accommodation fee should be paid in cash at the Accommodation Desk while availing accommodation.

7. We shall provide you with mattresses and buckets. However, you are encouraged to carry your own blankets since it might be a little cold at night.

8. At the time of check-out the participants are required to return all the commodities provided to them During Samyak 2010

9. Random checks would be made to avoid any illegal stay at the campus. Any team failing to produce their receipts of Accommodation would be heavily fined and disqualified.

10. Samyak 2010 and K.L.University will not be responsible for any mishaps that occur through the duration of stay for Samyak 2010

11. Alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs are strictly prohibhited.

12. Volunteers will be available at the nearby railway stations and bus stands to ensure hospitality

      Vinay :: +91 9703184181

      Pawan :: +91 9177979117

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