A Grand SAMYAK on this 8 & 9th of this October.........

        "Come and Experience the Enthralling Loads of Technotainment"

Samyak means Authentic; The Right and Real, the wisdom to control your knowledge, from drifting into the shadows of evil...this can also be said as a guard to immature minds to drag them to the shore from the ocean of persist able knowledge....

Samyakstands to support the tender minds in helping them survive and reach the shores of experience while paddling in the vast ocean of knowledge.

A tech fest of K L University, which blossoms every monsoon to celebrate and cherish the young and talented engineering minds and shower them with magnificent experience and managerial skills.

" Medhyaya Mukhyaya Visishtaaya "

Knowledge is the only wealth ever earned by human which is framed "THE BEST"

An awesome arena where loads of opportunities await young professionals with open arms to provide them the platform to exhibit their skills and usher them into limelight. Here you get to see thoughts fighting, sense your dreams in your hands, get your mind levitated to conquer the kingdom of techknowledgy

This is the ultimate salvation for any disciple longing for the thirst of wisdom ...

So never flinch off these astonishing moments And be not the one who starts to count another

12 full moons


365 dawns

8760 hours

525600 minutes

31536000 eye blinks

to experience and entertain your passions.


Updates *


 Send Your Scanned Copy of DDs for Robotics Workshop

 Opera Geek Registrations Are Open

 "Adorning Firefox" Registrations Are Open

 Roll & Reel (Short Movie Making)

 Limited Slots Available For "Antibody Labeling & Analysis"

 Aero Modelling Workshop Info Updated

 Registrations for Workshops Started

 ENIGMA Registrations Started

 "Limited Slots and Kits are availabl for FLASH WORKSHOP, Hurry Up to Register First and Grab Your Kit ".




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Grand Events*

"Adorning Firefox"

By Mozilla Campus Reps

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"Quizzer Zone"

in Association with "UltraTech"

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"Opera Geek"

By Opera Campus Crew






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You are invited visit us at: KLUniversity, vijayawada.


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