1. Workshop on “Antibody Labeling and Analysis”

The workshop aims at creating an understanding about Ab and Ag interactions and their analysis using an advanced immunological technique.

    The whole workshop has 3 major steps:
      • Isolation and purification of antibody.
      • The labeling and coating of the antibody.
      • Analysis of the interaction using “Advanced immunological technique”.

The experiments would be conducted by dividing the students into five teams with each team constituting of six members assisted by a student coordinator.

    The workshop would be divided into two modules while following the below given schedule:
      Module 1 : ( Oct 8th )
      • A seminar on the importance & relevance of the workshop for 30 minutes.
      • The first day would constitute of two experimental steps:
      (i) Isolation and Purification of antibody.
      (ii) Labeling of the purified antibody and coating of the antibody.
      The whole session would conclude in three hours.

      Module 2 : ( Oct 9th )
      • A demo of the instrument used for analysis.
      • The second day would only have one experimental step:
      “The analysis using a advanced immunological technique (ELISA)”

    The whole session would conclude in four hours.

The workshop thus concluded would provide the participants knowledge on an advanced immunological technique,
the understanding of Ab & Ag interactions and labeling of antibody.

The participants would receive a certificate of obtaining hands on training in “Antibody labeling and Analysis”.


      Anudeep :: +91 78427923141


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2. Joomla Workshop


Ever dreamt about creating a web-site without learning tedious languages, html coding or clumsy software?
We help make your dream come true.
Learn about the most popular and effective content management system – Joomla!

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.

Here are just a few examples of Web sites that use Joomla:

MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking)
IHOP (Restaurant chain)
Harvard University (Educational)
The Green Maven (Eco-resources)
Outdoor Photographer (Magazine) (Cultural)
Senso Interiors (Furniture design)

For Course & Registration Details


C Kalyan :: +91 9032724004


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3. Flash Workshop


Know A Fest

About (formerly a part of is India's first and leading website for publishing campus festivals from Technical, Cultural, Management, Workshops to Conferences and Symposiums.
Since Jan 2007, we have been connecting thousands of students from campuses all over India by making them aware of all the Campus Festivals organized by prominent Educational Institutions in all the states.
We have thousands of students who consistently visit our website to know the latest happenings at various campuses. We are the trust worthy source for them.


About Flash Workshop


Flash is a popular Multimedia tool that has revolutionized the online industry. Today, almost all form of websites use flash designs and popular 2D ads are being designed on the fundamentals of Flash. It is affordable and makes a website highly interactive. Flash based games are becoming very popular among all sections of the people and game lovers are spending quality time in playing them. They are light and can be easily loaded on all browsers at a fast speed. In present world, an engineering student belonging to any stream must have knowledge about web technologies to face the competition. offers a hands-on workshop on Adobe Flash Professional. To become an all rounder and a complete Engineer, one must have command over all the latest technologies.

Topics to be Covered During the Workshop ::

    Session 1: Basics of Adobe Flash                               [4 Hours]

      The session will be dealing with the basics concepts and introduction to the flash IDE where the flash IDE is made familiar and some basic animations such as shape tweens, motion tweens, motion guide, masking are are introduced.

      * History of Animation
      * Why Adobe Flash Professional
      * Introduction to Flash IDE
      * Tweens ( Shape tween and Motion tween ), Motion Guide, Masking
      * Small basic animations
      * Action script 2.0 & Action script 3.0 (Object Oriented Programming)
      * Animations Responding to Mouse Events
      * Tweens using Action scripts.

    Session 2: Advanced Programming in Action Scripts                              [4 Hours]

      In this session, we will introduce the advanced concepts of object oriented programming in flash, the objects and their properties. We will also discuss developing rich applications and animation, deploying a flash application, flash forms, games, etc.

      * Working on With properties of objects
      * Ad making and Promo design (Animations)
      * Developing Presentation Slides using Flash
      * Designing a 2-D Flash game
      * Publishing Flash Project into different files (.exe .avi .mpg .swf )
      * Flash Website Design.

    After the completion of the hand-on session the participants will be able to make a new start-over using this tool with their innovative ideas and creativity. This workshop will make flash a friendly and a handy tool for developing most of their designs. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a ‘Certificate of Merit’. Participation certificate will be given to each and every participant.

    A Complimentary kit will be provided to each and every participant, that will contain materials regarding the discussion in the workshop, a T-shirt bearing the logo of KNOWAFEST.COM and some elementary items.

"Limited Slots Are Available, So Hurry Up! To Grab Your's First ".



For More Details, Duration, Participants Kit, Fee Structure, Payment Procedure :

      Suraj Gurnani :: +91 9700346517


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4. Ethical Hacking Workshop

Ethical Hacking Workshop By Mr.Sai

Information Ethical Hacking and Identification and Removing Viruses
Powered by

Workshop is being conducted by D.Sai Satish, CEO, Indian Servers & Administrator of Andhra Hackers &    Top Microsoft Student Partner


* Exploitation and Vulnerability Identification Tools
* Introduction to Metasploit
* Nessus
* Web Inspector
* Trojans
* Keyloggers
* SQL Injection
* Firewalls
* IP/Port Scanners
* Sniffers
* Denial of Service
* Rootkits
* Google Hacks
* Virus Analysis
* Cookies Stealing
* Live headers
* Windows Cracking (Including Windows 7)
* ARP Poisoning
* Restrictions
* Sysinternals
* Detecting Viruses
* Removing Viruses
* Creating Viruses in different programing languages
* 25000 Free Hacking and Virus tools.

Workshop Duration :: 5-6 Hrs

Fee : Rs.300/-


    contact details:
      M.Srinivas :: +91 9000999988
      I.Ajitha :: +91 9441611365.


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5. Aero Modelling Workshop

Topics to be Covered in Workshop

Theoretical session:
* Archimedes' Principle: Buoyancy
* Pascal's Principle and Hydraulics
* Fluid Pressure and Depth
* Finding the Velocity of a fluid in a confined container
* Using a wind tunnel to measure the drag coefficient on student designed
* dragster cars
* Lift Formula
* Weight and Balance Forces acting on an Airplane
* How to build a Paper Jet Model
* Hot Air Balloon
* Musical Tube
* Ping Pong Ball Curves
* Flying Tube
* Flying Wing

Practical session:
* Designing the individual part list
* Assembling the glider
* Giving the final touch


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6. Robotics Workshop

Haptic Robotic Arm ::

Haptics is the science of applying touch sensation and control for interaction with virtual or physical applications. In combination with a visual display, haptics technology can be used to train people for tasks requiring hand-eye coordination, such as Robotic Tele Surgery and Space-ship maneuvering. It can also be used for games in which you feel as well as see your interactions with images.

The Dextrous Hand (from the NASA’s collection of Humanoids) has haptic sensors embedded in every joint and in every finger pad which relay information to a central computer for processing and analysis. In this workshop we train the students to control a Robotic Arm using Haptics Technology (Haptic Glove).

Duration ::

We conduct a workshop on 2 consecutive days, each day 8 hours session so in total 16 hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

Course Details of the 2 Day Workshop ::

* Advanced Robots
* Haptic Arm
* Actuators
* Design Criteria
* Sensors
* Know Your Controller
* Communication
* Hands On


#Each Participant has to be paid Rs.1550/- for the robotics workshop and the batch is given a workshop kit permanently.

Each batch should contain atleast 4members.


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